Interchim is pleased to introduce you our Top 3 of its crimping pliers and decapers. These are simple tools, effective and practical dedicated to samples preparation and allow you to manipulate your vials safely.

Crimping pliers and ergonomic Decapers : Upti-GripPliers_UptiGrip_Interchim_blog_0516

Made with a lightweight material, ergonomic handle and adjustment knob placed on top of the room, the Upti-Grip plier allows you an easier grip and more comfort during their use.

Crimping pliers and decapers intox


The crimpers pliers and decapers intox have a corrosion and heat resistant mechanism. This autonomy eliminates the use of a protective coating on the handle and on the crimping head. Also, its clean room applications are possible as they can be sterilized and are suitable for all types of crimping thanks to their great adaptability.

Electronic crimping Agilent

The crimping or electronic decapers from Agilent is much easier to use than the manual model and allows the sealing of even more effective vials.
His steel jaw, thin and adjustable, fits easily between the vials and allows you to crimp the vials directly into the filled trays of your autosampler.
With the electronic seamer Agilent, you will be able to crimp much more vials thanks to its lithium ion battery that lasts three times longer and its high speed, which is 50% more powerful than the old model (battery 6.4 volts). Last but not least, its lightness provides a better user experience and it will be convenient with both hand thanks to its display on top that allows better visibility.

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