Advion Interchim Scientific is pleased to introduce the new Radleys Reactor-Ready Filter.

Reactor-Ready Filter Radleys  allows synthesis and/or filtration in the same single double-walled, 1L or 2L, vessel having a swivel filter plate support.

Compact benchtop system, it is ideal for reactions, crystallization, and product isolation.


Reactor-Ready Filter Radleys will allow users to synthesize and isolate their product without having to manually transfer.
As a result, there are more product losses and less time needed.

For users, already having a Reactor-Ready, they can easily upgrade their synthesis system to a filtration system, just by buying a single double-walled 1L or 2L vessel, having a swivel filter plate support.

The 1 and 2 litre filter vessels have a single double-walled up to the filter base. This ensures accurate temperature control over a temperature range (double-walled) from -30°C up to +180°C.

The inside of these 1 and 2 litre filter vessels extends right down to the filter plate. The straight sided vessel inner also allows unhindered filtration done by gravity or with a vacuum pump.

These 1 and 2 litre filter vessels, have a waterproof swivel filter base support in PTFE or in PEEK.

For the swivel filter plate support, we can offer membranes, (Ø100mm), in Polyester (1μm or 5μm or 10μm or 20μm or 40μm) or in PEEK (35μm).  Users can also use their own membranes.

The access to the cake is fast and convenient thanks to the DN150 of the bottom of the single double-walled 1L or 2L vessel and also its swivel filter base which aligns very easily to the filter base with the vessel and easy collection of the filter cake.

Reactor-Ready Filter Radleys  can be automated at any time with AVA control software.
This software allows to control and record the data of all devices used with the system: agitation overhead stirrers, thermoregulators, liquid addition modules, Phmeter, vacuum pump etc…


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