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Projects changing often?
Need to share equipment between users?
The flexibility of the Mya 4 Reaction Station is just what you need…

Mya 4 Flexibility

  • Heat, cool and stir 4 independent set-ups in one compact unit
  • For a wide range of chemistries including Discovery, Process Development, Crystallisation studies and Reaction optimisation
  • From screening work in vials/tubes to scale-up in process vessels
  • From reaction optimisation in vials/tubes to building blocks synthesis in round bottom flasks
  • Magnetic stirring and overhead stirring, depending on the needs of your chemistry
  • Add external PC software to control 3rd party devices such as syringe pumps or pH meters
  • No cross-talk between positions allows users to work at extreme temperatures in adjacent zones

Mya 4 video preview

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