Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and research laboratories develop molecules using processes requiring synthesis systems which may sometime have to answer to very demanding technical specification.

Interchim®, a key player in chemistry, selects the most talented manufacturers of synthesis systems and other equipements to reply exactly what you need.

These systems can be for simple or complex requirements and are, currently, the best existing systems on the market for organic chemistry, for high pressure chemistry and for flow chemistry.


Algochem, Huber, Corning, Radleys, Asynt, Uniqsis

The objective of Interchim® is to provide innovative chemistry equiplent for safer, cleaner, greener and more productive chemical research.

Interchim® is pleased to give you a non-exhaustive overview of its systems :

  • for synthesis
  • for work-up
  • for high precision stirring & thermoregulation…


Innovative turnkey or custom-made synthesis systems for batch, for flow chemistry with photochemistry modules.

1. Heat-On Blocks:

These aluminum blocks are an alternatives to oils baths. They are the safest, fastest and most efficient way to heat and stirround bottom flasks from 10 ml to 5 litres up to 260°C.

Blocs chauffants Heat-On de Radleys

2. Cool-It Bowl:

AThese virtually unbreakable dewar provides a safe and an efficient way of cooling and stirring round bottom flasks to -78 ˚C.

Réservoirs Cool-It de Radley

3. Pressure reactors

They are designed to be used in conjunction with a simple magnetic stirrer or stirrer hotplate. These are a cost effective lightweight units suitable for numerous stirred or non stirred applications including hydrogenations, carbonylations and applications where air sensitive materials are used.

Autoclaves pour les synthèses sous pression

4. Parallel reaction stations:

They are for classic and high pressure syntheses, for 6, 10, 12, 24 positions and they allow, simultaneously, to heat/cool, to stir, to refluxe multiple samples under an inert atmosphere on a volume range from 0.5ml to 250ml.

Systèmes pour les synthèses parallèles Systèmes pour les synthèses parallèles - Pressure Reactors Systèmes pour les synthèses parallèles - Tornado


5. The jacketed reaction systems:

They are designed as a universal reactor work stations, with a range of easily interchangeable vessels from 100 ml to 20 litres.

Systèmes de synthèse réacteurs double ou triple enveloppe

6. Automated synthesis systems:

They increase productivity by taking control of your chemistry and improve their performances.

Systèmes de synthèse automatisésMya 4 Reaction Station Process Package & Ava Laboratory Control Software


7. Flow chemistry systems:

They are designed to make flow chemistry and photochemistry accessible to novices while at the same time catering for multi-step and automated reactions sequences.

Systèmes de synthèse pour la chimie en continu : Flow-chemistry Systèmes de synthèse pour la chimie en continu : Advanced_flow_reactors


8. Custom/bespoke reaction systems:

They are designed to meet to very specific needs for which turnkey systems are not appropriate.

Systèmes de synthèse sur-mesure : Lab Reactor


9. Work-up stations:

They facilitate parallel or sequential work-up of up to 12 and 24 samples, using filtration, phase separation, liquid/liquid extraction or SPE techniques. They also make easier parallel evaporation facilitates the evaporation of samples in 8 or 24 vials, tubes and microtiter plates.

Systèmes pour les traitements

10. Huber range:

Find all the huber products in the new catalog.


11. Others systems:

We can also offer, a multitude of other systems essential for synthesis, such as air condensers, stirring hotplates, overhead stirrers, accessory glassware, high-performance Minichillers and Unichillers and their accessories…

Autres systèmes

Stirring hotplate, Overhead stirrers & Findenser


Know More:

  • Interchim® works everyday to develop its advanced equipment range.
  • For each new innovative system, Interchim® will inform you to support you to :
    – Increase throughput for improved productivity
    – Save in time, space and money
    – Have better yields and to improve results
    – Have reliable and reproducible results
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