Accelerate your chemistry with innovative Parallel Reaction stations:

  • Simultaneously heat/cool, stir and reflux multiple samples under an inert atmosphere
  • Powerful, even stirring – fit directly onto your stirring hotplate
  • Rapid, efficient heating to 180 ˚C
  • Cooled option: Cooling to -78 ˚C
  • Efficient refluxing – water-cooled aluminium reflux head
  • Operate under an inert atmosphere
  • Easy viewing of vessel contents during experiments
  • Quick to set-up and easy to use
  • Save time, money and space

Carousel 6 Plus

Carousel 12 Plus

GreenHouse Plus

Carousel_6_Radleys_Systhesis_Advion_Interchim_Scientific Carousel_12+_Radleys_Synthesis_Advion_Interchim_Scientific GreenHouse Plus
Use up to six vessels
from 5mL to 250mL.
Use up to 12 tubes
from 1mL to 20mL
Use up to 24 glass reaction
tubes from 0.5mL to 7mL.
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StarFish_Radleys_Systhesis_Advion_Interchim_Scientific Tornado_Radleys_Synthesis_Advion-Interchim_Scientific
Use up to five vessels
from 5mL to 250mL.
Upgrade of Carousel 6
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