X-tra compact. X-tra intuitive. X-tra efficient. X-tra evaporation.

Created and manufactured in France, the puriFlash XS-Vap® is a concentrate of technologies. Thanks to its intuitive use, this laboratory evaporator will allow you to do much more than a simple evaporation and to optimize your time.

But why choose it? The puriFlash® XS-Vap is the most advanced evaporator on the market and offers a wide range of advantages over the competition:

  1. Boost your workflows with its evaporation power: your evaporation time will be reduced by up to 30%.
  2. Reduce your gas consumption with its manually adjustable needle system.
  3. Evaporate up to 90 samples in parallel.
  4. Choose the ideal size for your evaporations: from 2 mL to 250mL per position.
  5. Benefit from an integrated and very intuitive software: in Manual or Timer mode, the handling will be simple and the possibilities will be multiple.
  6. Optimize your time: its operation is so simple. Place your sample tubes to be concentrated in the device, start the evaporation process and trust it. Within minutes, your solvent is evaporated and your compounds are ready for analysis.
  7. Control with ease: the translucent water bath system makes it easy to check sample levels during evaporation.
  8. Rely on a rugged instrument that will stand the test of time.
  9. Maximize your space with its compact size: 60 cm x 37 cm x 40 cm.
  10. Save time with its compatibility with our puriFlash® instrument racks.


Since you have to see it to believe it, check out the product demonstration by Benjamin PIONNIER, our Product Manager Sample Preparation



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