Performing molecular biology analyzes requires quality reagents, in order not to compromise its results, in research as in diagnostics. Interchim offer highly sensitive and reproducible reagents to optimize your PCR amplifications.

Uptima by Interchim

dNTP 100mM solution

Highest quality control standard for constant best results

As a critical components in amplification reactions, the purity of nucleotides significantly influences your PCR results.

The Quality Control of Uptima’s dNTP includes functional assays in real-time PCR and long fragment PCR, and physical assays (e.g. DNase-free, RNase-free, Phosphatase-free, Appearance, Concentration, Purity by HPLC > 99%, pH).

  • Reliable, Most sensitive, Consistent results
  • Flexibility in preparation of reaction mixes for different applications

Amplification efficace de 1 ng d'ADN lambda en utilisant les dNTP Uptima™ dans le test-40kb exigeant

Amplification efficace de 1 ng d’ADN lambda en utilisant les dNTP Uptima™ dans le test-40kb exigeant

Description Quantity
dNTP set 1, 100mM solution of dATP, dGTP, dCTP, dTTP in individual tubes
> P/N: 96864C
4 x 1mL


UptiTherm™ DNA Polymerase

Recombinant DNA Polymerase from Thermus sp.,
with reduced error rate (1-10 x 10-6).

Thermostable enzyme perfect for routine amplifications including:

  • Amplification up to 5kb
  • Colony screening
  • Recombinant cDNA construction
  • Genotyping
Amplification avec l’UptiTherm DNA Polymerase de l'ADN de phage lambda, pour obtenir un fragment de 3Kpb à partir de 1ng, 500pg et 250pg.
  • Line 1: negative control
  • Line 2: amplification of 1ng
  • Line 3: amplification of 500pg
  • Line 4: amplification of 250pg

DNA Polymerase Amplification over phage lambda DNA, to obtain a fragment of 3 Kbp: 1ng, 500pg and 250pg.


UptiTherm™ DNA Polymerase is supplied with the choice of 10X Standard Reaction Buffer with 2 mM MgCl2 or a reaction buffer without MgCl2 (10X Reaction Buffer MgCl2 Free) plus a separate tube of MgCl2 for optimising the magnesium concentration.

Description Quantity
UptiTherm™ DNA Polymerase 5U/uL + Mg free buffer + 50mM MgCl2
> P/N: S53921
1000 units
UptiTherm™ DNA Polymerase 5U/µL (incl. 10x Standard Reaction Buffer with 2mM MgCl2)
> P/N: S53881
1000 units


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