What are EvoluChem™ kits ?

The EvoluChem™ kits are chemistry screening kits. They are the ideal tools for the investigation of chemical reaction conditions. These kits  enable you  to conveniently  screen  multiple reaction conditions simultaneously using pre-weighed  catalysts and reagents. Most of our kits contain all reagents required to perform the reaction conditions.



Available Chemistry

  • Cross coupling chemistry
  • Suzuki
  • Pd Precatalysts
  • Amide coupling
  • Biomimetic Oxidation
  • Glucuronidation
  • C-H Functionalization
  • Pre-filled Reaction Vials


  • Facilitate screen of reaction conditions
  • Perform up to 96 reaction conditions simultaneously
  • Save your substrate using low scale reaction conditions
  • Save time on optimization


  • 0.3 ml crimped vial with stirring bar
  • Specifically designed reaction block
  • Pre-weighed reagents and catalysts
  • Temperature from 0°C to 120°C
  • Pre-designed or custom arrays available
  • Reagents are packaged under inert atmosphere
  • Solvents are spargedv

Kit System and Reaction Block

  • Each kit is designed to perform 2 set of reaction conditions.
  • To perform a kit we offer a starter kit that contains a reaction block, syringe and decapper.
  • This reaction block is compatible with any EvoluChemTM kit. (Patent Pending)


Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling Kit : Fast screening of cross coupling catalysts, solvents and bases

Product overview:

The Suzuki-Miyaura coupling kits are ideal tools for the investigation of chemical reaction conditions. These kits enable you to conveniently screen multiple reaction simultaneously using pre-weighed  catalysts and reagents. The kit contains all reagents to perform the reaction conditions.

Standard Protocol:

Substrates solution at 0.15M concentration with 10% catalyst, 2 equivalents of base. 100 µl reaction volume. Additional conditions can be investigated by changing substrate concentration, amount of base.

Available kits:

HCK1003-01-001: Includes 1 set of reagents and solvents with 6 catalysts & 4 bases
HCK1003-01-002: Includes 1 set of reagents and solvents with 8 catalysts & 4 bases
Kit contents: 4 reaction vials of each catalysts, 4 bases in aqueous solution at 1M concentration and 4 solvents.
Catalysts available: Pd(PPh3)4, Pd(dppf)2Cl2, PdOAc2/SPhos, PdOAc2/XPhos, Pd2(dba)3/SPhos, Pd2(dba)3/ XPhos, PdOAc2/CataCXium® A and Pd(Amphos)Cl2
Bases: 1M aqueous solutions of Na2CO3, K2CO3, K3PO4 and Cs2CO3
Solvents: Dioxane, n-Butanol, DMF and acetonitrile (sparged with Argon)


Test reaction:

Test reaction has been performed using  4-methoxyphenylboronic acid and 4-bromoacetophenone as substrates.


Protocol using kit HCK1003-01-001

Prepare required volume of a 0.15 mol/L solution of combined substrates (of  4- methoxyphenylboronic acid  and 4-bromoacetophenone) in dioxane.
Using a clean and dry syringe, add 100 µl of substrates solution to a reaction vial and mix with the catalysts using the syringe.
Add 30 µl of the selected base solution. (2 equivalents)
Stir the reaction vials in the reaction block at 80° C for 5 hours. Remove the vial caps using a decapper.
Prepare analytical sample for each reaction condition with 5 µl sample diluted into 200 µl in DMSO . Analyze resulting analytical samples by LC/MS