The proteomic analysis starts with lysis, followed by purification. Lysis buffers include detergents and other reagents for achieving efficient protein solubility. These article presents a selection of commonly used lysis buffer, kit and related biochemicals.
The diversity of source samples and proteins does not allow us to offer an universal solution. A first possibility is to try the ready-to-use buffers known to work on the majority of organisms. Then there are specialized kits for certain proteins or like the Minute™ kit above, optimized for organisms such as bacteria.
To improve lysis according to specific needs, we offer a complete set of protease inhibitors, detergents and other high purity biochemicals, dedicated to biological applications.


RIPA lysis and Extraction Buffer

For the Optimal Lysis of Adherent & Suspension Cells – compatible with purification

logo uptima A complete lysis buffer for the release of cytoplasmic, membrane and nuclear proteins from adherent and suspension cultured mammalian cells. The RIPA lysis buffer is fully compatible with many applications, including reporter assays, protein assays (BC Assay), immunoassays and other protein purification techniques. It is preferred for nuclear, cytoplasmic and mitochondrial proteins, whereas cytoskeletal and extracellular region proteins are more soluble in urea.

RIPA Lysis Buffer does not contain protease inhibitors, however it is fully compatible with a range of individual protease inhibitors and cocktails.

Digestion des protéines Fleche Identification et analyse des protéines par spectrométrie de masse (HPLC-MS)
Protein digestion Mass Spectrometry based protein identification
and analysis (HPLC-MS)

RIPA lysis and Extraction Buffer HG4361 100mL
Contents 25mM Tris, 150mM Sodium Chloride, 1% NP-40, 1% Sodium Deoxycholate, 0.1% SDS, pH 7.6

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Minute Bacterial Total Protein Extraction Kit

To rapidly extract total proteins from cultured bacterial cells for applications such as SDS-PAGE, immunoblotting, ELISA and other applications.

Logo Invent Biotechnologies INC Minute™ Bacterial Total Protein Extraction Kit is composed of optimized denaturing cell lysis buffers and protein extraction filter cartridges with 2.0 ml collection tubes. The kit is designed to quickly extract denatured proteins from bacteria. It contains sufficient materials for the extraction of total proteins from a 100 ml E. coli culture.


Comparaison des profils protéiques extraits par le kit Minute™ et le tampon RIPAComparison of protein profiles extracted by Minute kit and RIPA buffer.
Lanes 1, 2 and 3 are proteins extracted by Minute kit, RIPA buffer and insoluble fraction of RIPA extraction respectively.

Minute™ Bacterial Total Protein Extraction Kit SB-004 50 preps
Contents 25mL bacterial lysis buffer A + 2.5mL buffer B + 50 protein extraction filter cartridges (500µL)+ 50 collection tubes with cap

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Protease inhibitors

logo uptima Protease inhibitors are molecules that inhibit protease function by binding either reversibly or irreversibly to the enzyme. Most inhibitors are only active against one or two types of proteases.


Serine proteases

AEBSF Hydrochloride >98% 401070 100mg
401071 1g
Aprotinin Powder, bovine lung 6300 KIU/mg, 3.5 pH.Eur.U/mg BXH470 100mg
Solution, 200 000KIU/mL – Pharma Grade 24431A 50mL
PMSF >99,9% 147376 5g
24431A 50mL
Benzamidine Hydrochloride, anhydrous, >99% 003055 100g


EDTA Disodium Salt >99.5%, Molecular Biology Grade 036290 1kg
EGTA >99 % 10075A 25g
1,10-Phenanthroline Anhydrous, >99 % E4414E 25g

Cysteine proteases

E-64 >99% 789581 5mg
789582 25mg
Iodoacetamide >99 % 020483 25g
Leupeptin Hemisulfate >97%, Synthetic 201736 25mg
NEM N-Ethylmaleimide >98 % 04474B 25g

Aspartate proteases

Pepstatin >90 % 827752 25mg

Protease inhibitor cocktails

Protease Inhibitor Cocktail I
General use (AEBSF Hcl 500µM, Aprotinin 150nM, E-64 1µM, EDTA 0,5mM, Leupeptin 1µM)
WT0900 1 flacon
Protease Inhibitor Cocktail II
for Bacteria (AEBSF Hcl 20mM, Bestatin 1,7mM, E-64 200µM, EDTA 85mM, Pepstatin A 2mM)
WT8260 1 flacon



logo uptima Detergents are used to separate membrane proteins from membrane and to open intracellular compartments like lysosomes. They can stabilise some proteins in hydrophilic environment.



CHAPS >98 % 33351A 10g
Triton X-100 10% solution, Carbonyl and peroxide free (>99%) BT84L0 50mL
10 % solution, Oxidant-free 521121 5x10mL


SDS 20 % solution, 0.2 micron filtered, MB grade 896826 500mL



logo uptima

Molecular Biology Grade (DNase, RNase free)

Guanidine HCl >99.5 %, chaotropic agent 018380 500g
D-Glucose Anhydrous, >99.9% 40250B 500g
Glycerol >99.8%, Sterile 047624 500mL
EDTA disodium salt, >99.5% 036290 1kg
DTT >99 % 054721 5g
Urea >99.5%, Ammonia-, Cyanate-free 031904 1kg
Tris 1M pH 7.5, Sterile solution N13713 1L


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