Dare revolutionize your Flash Purification !

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Discover why the new puriFlash XS 420 will revolutionize the flash purification and how we can be so sure that you will love using it :

puriFlash XS420 - flash purification - interchim blog 0516 2Purification by liquid chromatography is always a challenge and there is often a compromise to obtain the desired purity, loading and throughput.

To improve efficiency in delivering pure compounds, chemists may balance between purity, run time and environmental considerations. This delicate balance is often necessary for both crude and final purification.

Interchim is committed to guarantee you a daily pleasure of use while allowing you to overcome your challenges. Achieving this, Interchim just released a Compact, Techno-Quality and Affordable new instrument for flash and Prep LC purification: the puriFlash XS420. Concentrate of our expertise, it designed to exceed chemist today’s requirement.

The puriFlash XS420 will make your purification Easier, Intuitive & Productive.

Be confident, its high quality pump can run applications at up to 300 ml/min and 20 bar. The demanding specifications we setup guarantee, accuracy, repeatability and linearity over the full range. It is suitable for flash columns from F0001 up to F0330 format and Prep LC columns.
You will be amazed, achieving accelerated throughput with our dedicated high performance 25-micron silica flash columns.
The 15” touch screen provides an incomparable working comfort and will maximize the benefits of our friendly-user software. Additional features will help users to transfer their CCM or HPLC methods to Gradient purification.

And, because we like to see things in big for you: the puriFlash XS 420 has the smallest footprint in the market 14”. Though to follow you everywhere, the system fits into all fume hoods, nevertheless it can be installed on side safely with its fume encloser option.

Built to last, using high quality parts, the puriFlash XS420 delivers 100% uptime.

Applications :

Organic Synthesis, Impurities Identification, Natural Products, Bio-Drugs, Peptides & Polypeptides, Metabolites Isolation, Traces Enrichment.

Of course, when you see it first you’ll wonder how we ever put so much technology and knowledge in such a small machine!
Don’t question anymore yourself, now it’s time to take pleasure in trying it.

Know more about the PuriFlash XS 420 :

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