The Advion expression® Compact Mass Spectrometer (CMS) offers the most versatile sample techniques on the market, including push-button analysis of TLC plates with the Plate Express®, direct direct analysis of solids and liquids with the Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probes (ASAP®), and more.

Developed with maximum versatility in mind, the expression® CMS helps chemists to understand the optimal time to quench a reaction mixture without complex sample preparation. Switch between the many different sample introduction techniques required throughout the chemist’s workflow; from simple direct probe analysis to ultra-high performance liquid chromatography and prep-scale purification.


One instrument, fitted with different accessories makes the expression® CMS the perfect walk-up instrument for your lab.

The system offers:

1. The ability to move easily between ESI and APCI

Advion ESI and APCI Souces

No source is universal, the choice of source depends on the compound to be analysed. It can therefore be interesting to have the most commonly used types of sources: APCI and ESI. With the CMS expression® mass spectrometer, changing from one source to another is child’s play. In just a few seconds it is possible to directly and easily change the source block on the system.

2. Push-button analysis of TLC plates

Advion plate express

To be able to identify a spot on a TLC plate in mass spectrometry, you are probably used to these long and tedious steps: scraping the TLC plate, dissolving the sample in a solvent, filtering it all…

You can easily dispense with these steps thanks to the Advion plate express system. Extracting the spots and sending them to the CMS expression® spectrometer is done automatically with just a few mouse clicks. You will get a result in less than a minute.

3. Direct analysis probe for solids and liquids

ASAP Advion

The ASAP® source enables chemists to easily and reliably analyse solid and liquid samples such as reaction mixtures, food samples, natural products, etc. The solid or liquid product is introduced directly into the APCI source using a glass capillary. The result is immediate.

4. Simple sampling of air-sensitive compounds

iASAP Advion

Your compounds are sensitive and should not be exposed to ambient air, no problem, we have adapted the ASAP source to your needs. With iASAP, your sample is protected from external elements in an inert gas enclosure from sampling to transfer to the mass spectrometer.

5. Open Port Sampling Interface for one-touch analysis

OPSI Advion
The ASAP direct introduction technology is of great interest to you due to its ease of use and fast results. Unfortunately, your compounds do not ionise in APCI but only in ESI.

An innovative sample introduction system has been developed to meet this need. It is the Touch Express coupled with an Open port.

The open port is permanently swept by a solvent forming a meniscus on its surface. It is on this meniscus that the solid or liquid sample is deposited and then sent to the CMS expression spectrometer. This system also allows direct surface analysis.

6. Fast and easy volatile analysis

Source APCI specifique Advion
For the analysis of volatile compounds, a specific APCI source has been designed. Equipped with a heated transfer line, the “head space” sample is taken from the vial and sent to the expression® CMS detector.

7. UHPLC/CMS and HPLC/CMS configurations

Chaines (U)HPLC
The CMS expression mass spectrometer can also be coupled to (U)HPLC chains.

8. Purification systems coupling

puriFlash 5.250

Coupled with puriFlash®purification systems, the detector allows you to collect your compounds of interest directly according to their mass. No need for additional analysis of the collected fractions. The puriFlash® system shows you the mass of compounds present in each collection tube.

9. Conclusion:

Versatility, compactness and ease of use are all assets that make the CMS expression® mass spectrometer an indispensable instrument for your laboratory.


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