Purification by liquid chromatography is always a challenge and there is often a compromise to obtain the desired purity, loading and throughput.
To improve efficiency in delivering pure compounds, chemists may balance between purity, run time and environmental considerations.
This delicate balance is often necessary for both crude and final purification.

The Ultra Performance Flash Purification (UPFP) concept achieves accelerated throughput by reducing the time and cost per sample of the purification process with increased confidence. What differentiates UPFP from Flash chromatography is the combination of advanced machine technology, built to last and mastery of small particle spherical silica puriFlash® columns which offers significant benefits over the traditional flash grade silica.


  • Device: puriFlash® 450
  • Solvents: A-Cyclohexane, B-Ethyl acetate
  • Injection Mode: Liquid injection
  • Crude sample mixture: 400mg of each Phthalate
  • Injection volume: 3.2mL
  • UV Detection: 254nm


Purification Cost:

purification_column PF-15SIHP_IR-50SI_cost_interchim_blog_0217

  • Cyclohexane 1L price (Cat price): 25.10€
  • Ethyl Acetate 1L price (Cat price): 18.70€
  • Labor cost per hour: 75€
  • Solvent recycling without halogen compound (Cat price): 0,00035€/mL
  • Silica columns recycling (Cat price): 0,0009€/mL

Conclusion :

A 15µSIHP-F0040 column gives a better result with greater resolution, efficiency, loading capacity and improved retention versus a IR-50SI column.
Using a 15µSIHP, reduce run time by 45%, improve in time for the purification by 114%, reduce the solvent consumption by 59% and improve in cost for the purification by 26%. Lower collection volume means a decrease of the evaporation time.

If the sufficient selectivity is reached, the 15µSIHP allows to achieve greater fraction purity. The best ratio cost/productivity is obtained with 15µm silica.