Secure your purification by a Universal Detector ! Discover now our full integrated ELSD and its amazing specifities !
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But if you prefer to have an external Puriflash ELSD , the instrument below was certainly made for you .
Issue from a collaboration with the Worldwide leader of this technique, this ELSD designed for Flash purification will fit with all your needs !
  • High concentration sample
  • Full control of the Split and the inlet flow
  • Accept up to 5 mL/min into the detector
  • No additional solvent needed to run the split at consistent flow
  • True Flash Nebulizer with a large capillary i.d. to avoid clogging
  • Easy access /easy maintenance
  • Multi-application: Flash, prep LC, …
  • Thermo-sensitive compounds: work @ room temperature
  • Low gaz consumption



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