Move away from processing samples one at a time by streamlining your post-purification evaporation with GreenHouse Blowdown !

With the Greenhouse Blowdown evaporator, perform parallel evaporation of samples in 8 or 24 vials, tubes or microtiter plates.


This evaporation system has many other advantages to offer:

Be productive

Perform parallel evaporation on multiple samples simultaneously.
Evaporation is directly from your sample vial.

Be Productive

Be green

Trap your solvent and prevent release into the atmosphere.

Be Green

Be precise

Digital temperature control offers precise management of evaporation rate and temperature; protecting sensitive samples.

Be Precise

Be compatible

Microtiter plate footprint fits your automated process or robotic platform.

Be Compatible


GreenHouse Blowdown

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For parallel evaporations, use a GreenHouse Blowdown Evaporator: