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June 25, 2020 14:00 CEST Wherever you want Free


  • Doing more with your hotplate and how to fit more reactions in your fume hood.
  • Quickly and safely setting up a reaction with heating, stirring, inert gas and reflux.
  • Comparison to traditional glassware: what are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • Overview of Rodaviss glass joints vs. standard glass joints.
  • Reproducibility of temperature and stirring.
  • Tips and tricks on getting consistent magnetic stirring with multiple vials and flasks.
  • What to do when magnetic stirring is not enough?
  • Temperature control: how to choose the appropriate product and when do I need active cooling?
  • Volume range and vessel sizes: how do I decide which product to use?


Key learning objectives

  1. Setting up multiple reactions safely and quickly
  2. Saving space and improving safety in your fume hood
  3. Getting reproducible temperature control and stirring across multiple reactions
  4. Understanding how to specify the right tool for the job


Who should attend?

  1. Research and Medicinal Chemists
  2. Existing Carousel 12, Carousel 6, Tornado, GreenHouse, StarFish and Mya 4 users
  3. Students, Lab Technicians, Chemists, Team Leader


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