If you are looking to refresh your HPLC skills; gain practical knowledge on longer lasting LC columns; or if you simply need some troubleshooting advice, join our live webinar on 29th April. Hosted by SelectScience, and presented by the HPLC Columns Product Manager from Agilent, this webinar aims to help you to improve your HPLC skills !

Speaker: Andreas Borowiak HPLC Columns, Product Manager Agilent Technologies


Live Webinar :

Date: Wed, April 29, 2020

Time: 10:00 BST / 11:00 CEST

Who should attend:
• LC Operators who are new to the HPLC world
• Scientists keen to refresh their knowledge of LC column troubleshooting
• Instrument self-maintainers who want to improve their skillset
• Everyone interested in new products that help maximize column lifetime

What you will learn:
   • What a typical lifetime for an HPLC column should be
• How to identify the root cause for early column failure (based on chromatograms)
• How to protect your column from solvent contaminations, particles and sample
• How to select the right column based on your method needs (eg:, temperature, pH,
pressure range)
• How to properly clean and store your HPLC column


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