Dear all,

First of all, as our ties go far beyond a business relationship, we sincerely hope that you are doing well. This health crisis concerns all of us and our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by this situation

Operating in the scientific field as you do, since the outbreak of the virus, we have taken drastic sanitary measures to protect you and our employees from its spread. At this critical time, we wanted to let you know that we stand by your side to support you more than ever.

We continue to process the orders that you place with us and ensure their delivery as quickly as possible in strict compliance with health regulations. We are foresighted and have stock to meet your needs. We are organized, structured and prepared to maintain our quality of service. The vast majority of our employees are remotely working and all our teams remain mobilized and reactive to accompany you day after day. We all remain available by email, telephone or videoconference and are committed, especially in this difficult time, to maintaining this precious bond of trust with you.

Whether it is for a technical question, a presentation of our product ranges, a request for quotation, we are and will be present, do not hesitate to contact directly our departments or your usual interlocutor.
For security reasons, we thank you in advance for privileging these communication channels and refraining from using mail.

We remain at your side,
Take care of yourself and your loved ones,

Alexandra Boch, Directrice générale adjointe



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